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December 4-8

Lesson 1

Getting the Future Wrong/page 68/to read the text and translate


Hometask: Write three predictions for the future.

Lesson 2

Fortune Telling/to read the text and translate/page 72

Hometask:ex 9/a,b ,ex,10/a,page 73

Ex. 9/a, page 73

  1. fortune telling b) saying what will happen in the future
  2. century b) a hundred years
  3. influence b) the power to have an affect on people or things
  4. to predict b) to say what you think will happen
  5. palm b) the outer part of one’s hand
  6. nonsense b) something that does not have meaning
  7. leaves b) bags of tea
  8. reliable a) if someone is relible you ca trust them

Ex. 10/a, page 73

What will life be like one hundred years from now? I don’t know, of course. But this is what I think will be.

First, I think that computers will find much more important in our lives. There won’t be any televisions or DVD players or things like that. I think all those things will be part of a computer. And everything in our hours will be controlled by computers. I believe scientists will happen a way to make computers talk and think, just like people. That’s scary!

Also there won’t be any more pollution. Governments will find ways to stop pollution and we’ll recycle everything.

Finally, I think won’t be any schools. Some peple say teachers will be robots in the future but I don’t think that’s true. I think kids will learn at home, using their computers. They’ll do everything online. (Great, because when they’re bored, they can have a bit of fun and play a few online games! )

That’s what I think about life in the future. I think it’ll be very different, but very exciting!