Рубрика: homework, Անգլերեն



February 4-8

Lesson 1

Subway hero/to retell the text/page88

Grammar:first conditional

Hometask:ex.2/c,d,page 89


  1. If I see Jane I’ll tell her.
  2. If I’m late my parents will be angry.
  3. If I remember I’ll bring it to school tomorrow.
  4. If you come to the party I’ll meet my new friend, Jack.
  5. If is doesn’t rain tomorrow we’ll go to the beach.


  1. If Ktae gives me some help, I’ll finish my homework in an hour.
  2. You won’t meet anyone if you don’t go out.
  3. I’ll come to your party if my mum says I can.
  4. If George doesn’t want his ice cream. I’ll eat it.
  5. Susan will be angry if she hears about this.
  6. If we buy hamburgers, we will not have enough money for the film.

Lesson 2

The way God helps/to read and translate the text

Grammar:when and if

Hometask:ex.5/b,page 90,ex.6/d,page 90


1) I’m seeing Marta tomorrow. I’ll ask her about the book when i meet her.

2) A: What are you doing tomorrow.

B: If there’s a good film on, i’ll probably go to the cinema.

3) I’m not sure if i want to go to the disco tonight. But when i decide to go, i’ll phone you.

4) I’ts too hot out in the sun now. Let’s play tennis in the evening. If it’s cooler.



1. I didn’t like the film. I thought it was boring.

2. It was a terrifed experience to lose my possport on holiday in a foreign country.

3. My friend Elena. Is really frightening of spiders. She can’t stand them.

4. The football match was really excited in the end Manchester United won 3-2.

5. The lesson wasn’t very interested so some of the students nearly feel asleep.

6. When we saw the film about the bank robbery, we were really shocked.

7. My teacher was very annoyed when i told him i didn’t have my homework.

8. I found the marathon really tiring i slept for 12 hours the next day!



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