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Check your progress

Check your Progress



  1. Look at those clouds. It’s going to rain.
  2. I’ve got a difficult history project to do. My sister help me with it.
  3. I don’t watch television tonight. All the programmes are boring!
  4. Are you wear your black jeans tonight?
  5. My parents visit my grandfather at the weekend.
  6. Peter doesn’t like horses. He don’t ride with us this afternoon.
  7. There’s a party next Friday night, and we dance all night!



  1. Come on, Julie! We mustn’t be late!
  2. It’s a great book. You really must read it.
  3. Sorry, Jimmy, I’m late. I mustn’t go now.
  4. You mustn’t tell anyone about this! It’s too embarrassing.
  5. Diane, turn the music down! You mustn’t play it so loudly!
  6. I can go out with you tonight, but I must be home before midnight.
  7. OK, you can have a pet snake- but it mustn’t come into the house!


  1. If you help me, I buy you an ice cream.
  2. If Jack come to school late, the teacher be really angry.
  3. The neighbours complain if we make a lot of noise.
  4. If I have time, I get the tickets this afternoon.




  1. We’re all worried about his health. He should really give up smoking.
  2. If you want to be fit, why don’t you go in for some sport?
  3. If you don’t understand this word, look it up in a dictionary.
  4. It was unfair that the teacher told of for talking. It wasn’t me who was talking!
  5. You don’t need to help me with this problem. I think I can work it up myself.
  6. My uncle is a designer. He wants to take up his own business soon.
  7. There’s a new youth club in our street. Let’s check it up.



  1. I was really tired last night when I went to bed. Yesterday was a very tiring day.
  2. We were exciting about going to the football, but in the end it was a boring match.
  3. I thought the Dracula film was quite frightened, but my girlfriend wasn’t frightening at all.
  4. We went to a museum last Sunday. My parents thought it was really interesting, but I was a bit bored.