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February 26-March 2

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Grammar:should and shouldn’t

Hometask:ex.2/c, page97 , ex.4/b page 98

Ex. 2/c, page 97

1) Steve: I don’t know which jacet to wear.

Paul: The white one’s great. I think you should wear that one.

2) Jane: There’s a programme about Japan on TV tonight.

Tim: Really? Then I should watch it. I’m doing a project on Japan.

3) Alex: My eyes really hurt. Should I go to the doctor?

Father: No, but you shouldn’t watch television so much, Alex.

4) Amy: I’m tired.

Lucy: Me too. It’s nearly 11:30. I think we should go to bed.

5) Ann: What do you think? Should I wear jeans to the party this evening?

Carol: No, everybody’s wearing party clothers. You should wear your long dress.

6) Peter: Mum, I feel awful this morning.

Mother: Yes, you look ill. Perhaps you shouldn’t go to school today.


Ex. 4/b, page 98

1) A cheerful person is usually happy and smiles a lot.

2) An honest person tells what he/she really thinks.

4) A ha8d-working person works a lot.

5) An organised person is tidy and keeps things in order.

6) A kind person helps people and thinks about their feelings.

7) A friendly person is easy to talk to and makes friends easily.

8) A polite person always says please and thank you.


Lesson 2

Heroic Ulises on a journey of hope/read the text and trasnlate/page100

Grammar:present perfect


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