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Шарон М. Дрейпер


Шэрон Дрейпер родилац 1952, она афро-американская писательница,  школьная учительница и мама «особого» ребенка. Ее книги неоднократно получали различные награды, в том числе дважды Coretta Scott King Award.  О Шэрон Дрейпера не так уж многа информация, проста я когда читал Шумная тишина я начнла полубит етова писательницу. Это книга савершена изменила моя умонастроение за что я хачу блогадарит этому писательницу.

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Ex. 6/c,e page 14
1. While he was working on his plan, his brain machine was checking people’s brain to find out what they were thinking.
2. Every now and then, Q5 looked at the huge screen. Everything was going well. All the human brains were thinking of other things, and none of them knew about his terrible plans.
3. When Olivia looked at the neighbour, she saw that was holding something in his hand. It looked like a mobile phone.

1. I was writing an email. The phone rang.
2. Harry was running to school. He full and hurt his leg.
3. Alex and Sue were playing tennis. Lucy arrived.
4. Antonio was having breakfast,. He had a great idea.

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Рубрика: Անգլերեն


Ex. 4, 5,-page 5


Andy: Hi Sophie. It’s me, Andy. What are you doing?

Sophie: Nothing really. Why?

Andy:  Do you want to go the cinema with me? I go every Friday.

Sophie: Well, I don’t know. I can only go after eight o’clock. We always have dinner at 7.30. My mom is cooking dinner now.

Andy: No problem. Let’s meet at the cinema at 8.15.

Sophie: OK. Great! But Andy — I can hear a lot of noise in your house. What is it?

Andy: Oh, that’s my bother. He is  listening to music upstairs. He always plays very loud music!

Sophie: Oh, I see! OK — well, I’ll see you at 8.15. Thanks for calling.

Andy: See you Sophie! Bye.



My friend Jane and I have got lots of hobbies and interests. We really like going to the cinema at the weekends. Both of us like listening to music too, and we like dancing at parties if the music’s really good! Jane’s better at music than me — she enjoys playing the guitar when she’s at home. We like different sports — Jane often goes running in the park in the morning but I prefer swimming in the pool or in the Art lessons, but Jane’s favourite subject in English because she loves reading books. There’s one thing we both hate — playing computer games!

mystery word is computer.