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February 18-22

Lesson 1

Good and evil/to retell one of the texts on page 54

Grammar/gerunds and infinitives

Hometask:ex.2/a,b,e,page 55

1. Jane an orphan living with her evil aunt.
2. Why does the Count go to seeing Jonathan during the day?
3. Bilbo Baggins enjoys living an ordinary life.
1. Jane at the age of ten to leave the school.
2. Count Dracula wants to buy a house in England.
3. Jack promises to kill the beast.
4. Gollum nasty creature to free Bilbo if he can solve a riddle.

Lesson 2

Write your opinion about computer games.Use the words on page 56/ex.4/b

I don’t like playing computer games. I am not interested in them. In my free time I orefer speaking with my friend’s, reading books, going to shops, listening to music and making something tasty for my family.

Grammar/noun suffixes/-ation/-ion/-ness/-ment/-ence/-ity/

Hometask:5/b,c,page 56


  1. agree-agreement
  2. prefer-preference
  3. react-reaction
  4. entertain-entertainment
  5. prepare-preparation
  6. popular-popularity
  7. relax-relaxation
  8. happy-happiness


  1. Listening to music, for me, is the best kind of relaxation that there is.
  2. Madonna is still a very successful singer. Her popularity is enormous.
  3. If you haven’t got much time, make a fruit salad. It doesn’t need a lot of preparation.
  4. My father wanted to buy that car, but he couldn’t come to an agreement about the price with the owner.
  5. I was surprised by her reference when I told her about the plan.
  6. What did people do for relaxation before TV?