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Destination b1


One morning, Amber woke up early. The sun was shining and the birds were singing. Amber was very excited because it was the day of the big tennis match. Amber went downstairs and into the kitchen, where her father was having breakfast. ‘Morning, Amber. Today’s the day!’ he said. Amber smiled nervously, ‘Don’t worry!’ he answered. ‘You’ll be fine.’ Amber put some toast into the toaster and opened the fridge. Just as she getting the butter out, the phone was rang. ‘Bad news, I’m afraid. The other player was practising yesterday when she had an accident. The match is off.’ Amber ate her toast slowly. She was suprised she didn’t feel disoppointed.


  1. When I was younger, I used to eat pizza almost every day!
  2. Did there used to be a supermarket on the corner?
  3. Bradley is a teacher, but he used to want to be a train driver.
  4. I didn’t used to like eating cabbage, but now I love it!
  5. Did rick use to have blond hair when he was a little boy?
  6. I know Lily didn’t use to cook much, but now I think she makes dinner every day.


  1. You should take up a sport and then you would get more exercise.
  2. I’m trying to work! Could you please turn your music down?
  3. Just ask and I’m sure the other children will let you join in.
  4. The referee sent David off for arguing with him.
  5. This is my favourite song! Turn it up!
  6. A mobile phone rang, but the musician just carried on playing.
  7. We can’t afford to eat out very often.
  8. I’ve decided to become a vegetarian and give up meat.


  1. We were waiting outside the stadium for a long time before they finally let us in.
  2. I’ve got that concert on DVD — it’s fantastic!
  3. I ran all the way home and I was just in time for my favourite programme.
  4. Everyone clapped when the singer came on stage.
  5. At the cinema, Mum sat on the right, Dad sat on the left and sat in the middle.
  6. Ed doesn’t want to become a professional footballer. He just does it for fun.


  1. What’s the name of that song you were singing earlier?
  2. I started to learn the piano, but I don’t think I’ve got much musical talent, to be honest.
  3. My dad used to be really fit and was on his college athletics team.
  4. When you were young, did you ever play in the street with other local children?
  5. Alan is studying to be an, actor, but I don’t think he’s enjoying it.
  6. They have a wonderful collection of old toys at the museum in town.
  7. My grandad loves to sail and we often go out on his boat.
  8. You have to practise a lot if you want to work as a musician.


Why are kittens such playful animals? They love chasing a ball or a piese of wool, and they always play in a very athletic way. But why? All of a  kitten’s action when playing are, in faact, important for the future. It might look like entertainment, but the kitten is practising its hunting skills. That heroic jump onto a toy teaches the kitten a lot. Think About your own childhood and you’ll see that you learnt a lot through play.


Diana: Hello, is that Jenny? I’m bored with watching TV and I felt like a chat. What are you doing?

Jenny: Hi, Diana. Well, I’m reading a book by a Russian writer. It’s about how to become a great actor.

Diana: Really? Oh, I’m really interested in acting. Tell me about it.

Jenny: He says it takes a long time to get good at acting. To become popular with the public, you need to really understand people.

Diana: That sounds just like me! Tell me more. What else does he say?


  1. I’m completely crazy about skateboarding! I love it!
  2. In my free time I listen to music on CD or on the radio.
  3. Elsa Isn’t very keen on this group, but they’re one of my favourite.
  4. Next week we’ve got a game against a team from Hungary.
  5. Is that Kylie? Oh, I’m a really big fan of hers.
  6. I was really scared when I took part in the singing competition last year.

Review 1


These days, most of us have a CD collection. Befor the CD, singers made LPs, or ‘long-playing’ records. Although many children have never seen an LP, they were once very popular. To play these records, you needed a record player with a needle that ran along the record and produced the sound. Some musicians say the sound of LPs was better than CDs — and many collections agree! LPs are no longer very popular as a form of entertainment, but many people buy and sell them. Some of them remember the LP form their childhood and listening to records reminds them of the past.


  1. Now, everyone knows this song, so I want you all to join in with me!
  2. It’s so noisy in this restaurant. Could you ask them to turn the music down.
  3. There was a fight during the match and the referee send two players off.
  4. We eat out about once a week and we cook at home the rest of the time.
  5. I love this song! Turn it up!
  6. I used to play the trumpet, but I gave up last year because I didn’t have time.
  7. We stopped playing because of the rain, but when it stopped we carryed on.
  8. A good way of getting more exercise is to take up a sport, like basketball.


  1. Jack really likes football and never misses a match. Jack is really crazy about football and never misses a match.
  2. My uncle worked on a sailing boat until he was thirty. My uncle was a sailor until he was thirty.
  3. Do you want to watch TV? Do you feel like you want to watch TV?
  4. John participated in a swimming competition last week. John took part in a swimming competition last week.
  5. June and I had a game of tennis. I had a game against of tennis June.
  6. I played chess almost every day when I was young. I used to play chess almost every day when I was young.
  7. Volleyball doesn’t really interest me. I’m not interested in volleyball.
  8. I enjoyed myself at your birthday party.
  9. Young children like Disneyland. Disneyland is popular with young children.
  10. Karen doesn’t like watching sport on TV. Karen is keen on watching sport on TV.


  1. When you rang, I was cleaning my bike.
  2. At my last basketball club, we used to train every Saturday for three hours.
  3. I really liked the meal we had at your house last Tuesday.
  4. We went to the beach every day when we were on holiday.
  5. I broke my leg when Tony and I were practising for the school sports day.
  6. Leon never talks about it, but he was once a world champion skier.
  7. I didn’t use to like golf, but now I really like it.
  8. Denise is working at the stadium until she finds a better job.


  1. I waited outside the tennis club for (D) a long time, but George didn’t appear.
  2. When you rang, I was in (F) the middle of cleaning my football boots.
  3. We finally got to the stadium just in (C) time to see the match start.
  4. I just play football for (A) fun, and I don’t want to do it as a job.
  5. I loved that film and when it comes out (E) in DVD, I’ll definitely get it.
  6. It’s great to appear on (B) stage, with all the audience clapping.
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Traditions in Armenian holidays



Vardavar is a festival in Armenia where people drench each other with water. Although now a Christian tradition, Vardavar’s history dates back to pagan times. I is currently celebrated 98 days after Easter.
As it is common to pour water on everyone around, people are  prepared to get to their dates wet and funny.



Grape Blessing Day

There is this weird holiday in Armenia celebrated on the nearest Sunday of August 15. The grape is the only fruit that has the honor to be blessed before people will start eating it. There is a special ceremony held in churches for blessing. In the Armenian Church grapes are given preference over other fruits as the first fruit of the harvest. This is conditioned by a number of historical and religious circumstances. After the devastating flood, our ancestor Noah planted a vineyard in the valley on the slopes of Mt. Ararat and grew grapes.
The rules of the Armenian Church do not prohibit eating grapes before the Blessing, and the tradition of abstaining from eating grapes before the ceremony is rooted in the people, and has become a national habit.




Trndez is a holiday with pagan origin and was originally dedicated to Mihr or Tyr, the gods of fire and knowledge, respectively. It was connected with sun/fire worship in ancient pre-Christian Armenia, symbolizing the coming of the spring and fertility.
Traditionally, Armenians make a bonfire, go around it and jump over the fire on the evening of February 13 or early on February 14. This is a joyful holiday in all provinces and villages of Armenia, as well as in capital Yerevan, celebrated by young adults, newly-weds and all families in general.

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Topic vocabulary


beat-հաղթել, ջախջախել

board  game-սեղանի խաղ




cheat-դիմել խարդախության

classical music-դասական երաժշտություն





defeat-պարտություն, պարտվել


folk music-ազգային երաժշտություն


have fun-զվարճանալ










support-աջակցել, աջակցություն



video game-վիդեո խաղ


Phrasal verbs


carry on-continue-շարունակել

eat out-eat at a restaurant-ուտել ինչ-որ վայրում

give up-stop doing sth you do regularly-թողել, դադարեցնել

join in-participate-մասնակցել, միանալ

send off-make a player leave a game-դաշտից հեռացնել

take up- start-սկսել որևէ նոր բան

turn down-lower the volume of-ձայնը իջեցնել

turn up-ձայնը բարձրացնել


Prepositional phrases 


for a long time-երկար ժամանակով

for fun-հաճույքի համար

in the middle-մեջտեղում

in time-ժամանակին

on CD/DVD/video-CD/DVD/-ի ում, վիդեոում

on stage-բեմի վրա


Word formation


Act- action-գործողություն, active-ակտիվ, actor-դերասան

athlete-athletic-ատլետիկ, athletics-աթլետիկա

child-children-երեխաներ, childhood-մանկություն

collect-collection-հավաքածու, collector-կոլեկցիոներ


hero-heroic-հերոսական, heroine-հերոսուհի

music-musical-երաժշտական, musician-երաժիշտ

play-player-խաղացող, playful-խաղային

sail-sailing-նավարկություն, sailor-նավաստի

sing-sang-երգեց, sung-երգեց, song-երգ, singer-երգից, singing-երգում է


Word Patterns



bored with…-ձանձրանալ ինչ-որ բանից

crazy about…-խելագարվել ինչ-որ բանից

good at…-մի բանից լավ լինել

interested in…-հետաքրքրվել ինչ-որ բանով

keen on…-հմուտ լինել ինչ-որ բանից

popular with…-հայտնի լինել ինչ-որ բանից


feel like…-զգալ ինչպես

listen to…-լսել

take part in…-մասնակցել ինչ-որ բանի


a book about…-գիրք ինչ-որ մեկի մասին

a fan of…-երկրպագու

a game against…-խաղ ընդդեմ

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How to save our world

Our world is in a very bad condition.  People everywhere damage the world, pollute the environment, cut the trees, kill animals. And we receive reciprocal treatment. We pollute seas, rivers, lakes and oceans as well as drinking water and harm ourselves, soon there will be no drinking water. Cutting the trees will result in oxygen decrease. By using polyethylene we damage most of the nature. It isn’t so difficult to save the world, if everyone does not take a bag when shopping for something, polyethylene packets will disappear. If  the water doesn’t flow continuously from the faucet, we can save a lot of water. If everyone puts his own garbage in the rubbish bin, not on the ground, our world will become cleaner. That is, by doing little things, we can save from the destruction our huge world.

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Check your progress

Ex. 1/a.

  1. I don’t usually like romantic films. I enjoyed Definitely Maybe.

In spite of my not usually liking romantic films, I enjoyed Definitely Maybe


  1. He’s not very tall. He plays basketball really well.

Despite he’s not very tall, he plays basketball really well.


  1. I look like my mother. My brother looks like my father.

I look like my mother  however, my brother looks like my father.


  1. I continued working. I was really tired.

I continued working even though, I was really tired.


  1. I though the exam was difficult. I think I passed

Although the exam was difficult, I think I passed.




  1. She won the competition. She must be a good singer.
  2. I saw them ten minutes ago, so they can’t have gone far.
  3. They’re speaking Spanish, so they might be from Argentina.
  4. I rang her but she didn’t answer. She might have gone to bed early.
  5. You’ve just eaten. You can’t be hungry already!




  1. These cats can’t have eaten for days. Look how hungry they are.
  2. I can’t believe it. I might drop my phone somewhere. I can’t find it anywhere.

3.They’re late. They must get lost somewhere.

  1. You’ve finished your project? But yesterday you hadn’t even started you must have stayed up all night.



  1. Maybe you should think- b) …it over and let me know tomorrow.
  2. Hey, listen. I’ve come- e) …it over, I’m here to listen.
  3. If you ever want to talk- c) …on it, and tell me how you feel in the morning.
  4. A problem has come- a) …up. I can’t meet you later.
  5. Here’s an idea. Sleep- d) …up with a great idea for a new song!



  1. The police are trying to tie it in with the other burglaries in the area recently.
  2. I started out as a paper girl, and now I’m a journalist for the same newspaper.
  3. All your hard work on my dress has really paid off. It looks fantastic.
  4. Let’s just call off the barbecue until the weather gets better.
  5. Yesterday I came across an old photo of my mum when she was a teenager. She was so pretty!
  6. The fire is went out. Let’s put some more wood on it.