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Ex. 1/a.

  1. I don’t usually like romantic films. I enjoyed Definitely Maybe.

In spite of my not usually liking romantic films, I enjoyed Definitely Maybe


  1. He’s not very tall. He plays basketball really well.

Despite he’s not very tall, he plays basketball really well.


  1. I look like my mother. My brother looks like my father.

I look like my mother  however, my brother looks like my father.


  1. I continued working. I was really tired.

I continued working even though, I was really tired.


  1. I though the exam was difficult. I think I passed

Although the exam was difficult, I think I passed.




  1. She won the competition. She must be a good singer.
  2. I saw them ten minutes ago, so they can’t have gone far.
  3. They’re speaking Spanish, so they might be from Argentina.
  4. I rang her but she didn’t answer. She might have gone to bed early.
  5. You’ve just eaten. You can’t be hungry already!




  1. These cats can’t have eaten for days. Look how hungry they are.
  2. I can’t believe it. I might drop my phone somewhere. I can’t find it anywhere.

3.They’re late. They must get lost somewhere.

  1. You’ve finished your project? But yesterday you hadn’t even started you must have stayed up all night.



  1. Maybe you should think- b) …it over and let me know tomorrow.
  2. Hey, listen. I’ve come- e) …it over, I’m here to listen.
  3. If you ever want to talk- c) …on it, and tell me how you feel in the morning.
  4. A problem has come- a) …up. I can’t meet you later.
  5. Here’s an idea. Sleep- d) …up with a great idea for a new song!



  1. The police are trying to tie it in with the other burglaries in the area recently.
  2. I started out as a paper girl, and now I’m a journalist for the same newspaper.
  3. All your hard work on my dress has really paid off. It looks fantastic.
  4. Let’s just call off the barbecue until the weather gets better.
  5. Yesterday I came across an old photo of my mum when she was a teenager. She was so pretty!
  6. The fire is went out. Let’s put some more wood on it.


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The child and his mother:

A curious child asked his mother: “Mommy, why are some of your hairs turning grey?”

The mother tried to use this occasion to teach her child: “It is because of you, dear. Every bad action of yours will turn one of my hairs grey!”

The child replied innocently: “Now I know why grandmother has only grey hairs on her head.”


Մի հետաքրքրասեր երեխա մայրիկին հարցրեց.

– Մա՛մ, ինչո՞ւ են քո մազերից մի քանիսը սպիտակում:

Մայրիկը փորձեց օգտագործել առիթը և կյանքի դաս սովորեցնել երեխային: Նա պատասխանեց.

– Քո պատճառով, սիրելի՛ս, քո յուրաքանչյուր վատ արարքից հետո իմ մի մազը սպիտակում է:

Երեխան անմեղ-անմեղ պատասխանեց.

– Հա, հիմա արդեն պարզ է, թե ինչու են տատիկի բոլոր մազերը սպիտակ: Խեղճի գլխին մի սև մազ չի մնացել:

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May 6-10

Lesson 1

The Curse of Tutankhamun’s Tomb/read the article and try to retell.

Hometask:ex.7/b,c,page 77


start out- begin (to describe someone’s first profession)

call of- cancel

talk smb. into- persuade (someone)

pay off- be successful (when an effort is rewarded)

come across- find (often by accident)

pass away- die

go out- stop shining or burning

tie in with- connect with (something)



A: You know my grandmother passed away two months ago? Well, I was her house looking through some of her papers when I came across an unpaid electricity bill from 1996!

B: So?

A: Well, at the exact moment I found the bill, all the lights in the house went out.

B: Now, that is strange.

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Ex. 2/d-pg. 75

  1. Jane left without saying a word. She must have been very angry.
  2. We don’t know where they got the stones from, but they mustn’t have brought them from somewhere far away. They’re too heavy.
  3. They recently found an ancient site in Peru. It’s almost 3000 years old and it must have been a religious site, but we can’t be sure.
  4. I had my wallet an hour ago, but it’s not here now. I must have left it in that shop!
  5. Sally hasn’t called me. She mustn’t have got my text message.
  6. Somebody must have taken the book from her nag. Or maybe she left it on the bus.
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1. Literally- e.word for word
2. Refuse-c. To say you will not do or accept something
3. Certainly-f. Definitely
4. Proof- d. Evidence
5. Extinct-b. Having died out
6. Absolutely-a. Completely

e. 1. People must stop hunting tigers, or they will become extinct.
2. We asked him three times, but he refuse to join us.
3. The idiom to jump the gun doesn’t mean  literally’to jump over a gun’.
4. Are you absolutely sure it was Bigfoot you saw?
5. We don’t know for sure if there are more animals to be discovered, but it certainly seems possible.
6. They think there’s a monster in the lake, but no one has any evidence.