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Ex. 2/d-pg. 75

  1. Jane left without saying a word. She must have been very angry.
  2. We don’t know where they got the stones from, but they mustn’t have brought them from somewhere far away. They’re too heavy.
  3. They recently found an ancient site in Peru. It’s almost 3000 years old and it must have been a religious site, but we can’t be sure.
  4. I had my wallet an hour ago, but it’s not here now. I must have left it in that shop!
  5. Sally hasn’t called me. She mustn’t have got my text message.
  6. Somebody must have taken the book from her nag. Or maybe she left it on the bus.
Рубрика: homework, Անգլերեն


1. Literally- e.word for word
2. Refuse-c. To say you will not do or accept something
3. Certainly-f. Definitely
4. Proof- d. Evidence
5. Extinct-b. Having died out
6. Absolutely-a. Completely

e. 1. People must stop hunting tigers, or they will become extinct.
2. We asked him three times, but he refuse to join us.
3. The idiom to jump the gun doesn’t mean  literally’to jump over a gun’.
4. Are you absolutely sure it was Bigfoot you saw?
5. We don’t know for sure if there are more animals to be discovered, but it certainly seems possible.
6. They think there’s a monster in the lake, but no one has any evidence.

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Ex. 6/c,e page 14
1. While he was working on his plan, his brain machine was checking people’s brain to find out what they were thinking.
2. Every now and then, Q5 looked at the huge screen. Everything was going well. All the human brains were thinking of other things, and none of them knew about his terrible plans.
3. When Olivia looked at the neighbour, she saw that was holding something in his hand. It looked like a mobile phone.

1. I was writing an email. The phone rang.
2. Harry was running to school. He full and hurt his leg.
3. Alex and Sue were playing tennis. Lucy arrived.
4. Antonio was having breakfast,. He had a great idea.

Page 12 retel the text

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October 15-19

Lesson 1

Gelert-The faithful dog/to retell the story/page 18-20

Hometask:5/c,d,page 20

Lesson 2

Write a short composition »What are friends for?»

As to me a friend is a very important for a person. Getting friends are easy in school, because there are very many children. I have many friends there, but my closess driend is Mariam. She is a very caring person and she’ll never let me down, Friends are the people with whom you can be honest, you can feel free to express your thougts. They are the people whom you can trust as yourself. As the famous saying says: «A friend in need is a friend, indeed.» I completly agree with the saying. In my opinion we should always support our friends when they are in trouble.

Hometask:ex.7,page 21


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September 17-20

Lesson 1

It’s legal,but is it right?/to read and make a discussion/page1o

Grammar/mustn’t vs don’t have to

Hometask:ex.3,4,5,page 11


  1. This is a libarry. You mustn’t eat in here.
  2. You don’t hav to eat it if you don’t like it.
  3. You mustn’t play with matches.
  4. You don’t have to play if you don’t want to.
  5. We mustn’t be late!
  6. We don’t have to be nervouse-It’s only a test.


  1. a keyboard
  2. a CD drive
  3. a memorylead
  4. to download
  5. to logon
  6. a password
  7. a powerpad
  8. a network
  9. a touchslot
  10. a USB stick


  1. Did you get an invitation to Sarah’s party next week?
  2. The best thing about swimming is that you don’t need much equippment.
  3. She works for the local newspaper-She’s a journalist.
  4. Sorry, there are no tickets left-buy try again tomorrow, we might get a cancellation.
  5. You can only eat in that restaurant if you make a reservation about two weeks befor.
  6. He’s still quite ill, but the doctors think there’ll be some improvement soon.
  7. My brother works as a receptionist in a hotel in London.
  8. He studied hotel management at university.
  9. He hopes that one day he’ll be the managen of a hotel somewhere.
  10. I don;t watch football on TV any more-I just don’t think it’s very good entertainment.

Lesson 2

Talking without speaking/to read the text/page 12

Hometask:ex 2/c,page 12

1. Only  their mother could understand Gerald and Owen’s special language when they were small. T

2. Gerald and Owen can communicate even if they are in diffirent places. T

3. According to the text, it is rare to hear of telepathy between twins. F

4. Damien wasn’t able to see Richard or hear anything he said during the experiment. F

5. Ashley Olsen has experienced telepathic communication with her twin. T